Blast from the Past

Did you know that iron and steel mills have ranked among the largest enterprises in the Great Lakes cities since before the Civil War? By the close of the nineteenth century, Chicago had grown to become one of world’s leading centers for steel production. The emergence of this industry was part entrepreneurial and part geographic;…

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Go With The (Grain) Flow

When it comes to forging metal, what exactly is grain flow, and why does it matter for your project? “Grain flow” the directional orientation of the metal grains and any non-metallic inclusions that have been deformed due to forging. In Anderson Shumaker’s forging practices, metal is worked through controlled compressive stresses while heated. Mechanical properties…

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New Management, New Future

In June 2018, Anderson Shumaker officially came under new management. The new owners wasted no time jumping right into the swing of things, bringing a hands-on wealth of industry knowledge and fresh ideas to continue our 100+ year tradition of being a leader in open-die forging. In just 6 short months, Anderson Shumaker has added…

AndersonShumaker Website

Welcome to Anderson Shumaker’s New Website!

We’re excited to announce the newly refreshed Anderson Shumaker website is now live! We hope you like our new look which includes changes in navigation, detailed dropdown menus, and compatibility with tablets and other mobile devices so you can keep in touch with us on the go. We’ve improved the structure of our content, so…

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Types Of Forging

Types Of Forging 3 Different Methods for Forgings  Rolled Ring Forging  Closed Die Forging  Open Die Forging to learn more visit\///forging/\//