Forged carbon steel is ideal for applications that involve high temperature and pressure such as oil and gas piping and special machinery parts. By open die forging the carbon steel, the forging process increases the strength of the material by eliminating flaws like air bubbles or other characteristics associated with casting. In addition to being mechanically stronger, another advantage of carbon steel forging over casting is the increased wear and impact resistance that is a result of the tight grain structure of the composition post forging.

Anderson Shumaker can process your carbon steel forging order quickly thanks to our extensive carbon steel and alloy steel grades inventory in stock. Combining our carbon steel open die forging with our in-house heat treating gives us the flexibility to produce the following grades to virtually any specification:

  • 1010, 1018, 1020, 1026, A105, LF2

We have many other material grades available, offer in-house machining on all grades and have many forged carbon steel products available.

Forged Carbon Steel Photos