Tool Steel Forging

The open die process enables Anderson Shumaker the flexibility to produce the highest quality tool steel open die forgings and rolled rings for your tooling requirement. Tool steel is traditionally known for its’ characteristic of being able to cut other metals due to its distinctive hardness. This particular alloy is commonly used to make tools as forged tool steel is much harder than most metals. Dependent on the carbon composition, tool steel is frequently used for forging dies, machine parts, and a variety of tools including drills, blades, hammers, filers, and chisels. To assure our customers the fastest possible service, we maintain a vast inventory in many tool steel grades.

The open die forging process allows for an array of final products. This flexibility permits us to manufacture a broad range of shapes and sizes, giving you the exact parts your application requires. Whether you need forgings that are a few pounds or weigh more than 150 tons, we can customize the process to meet your needs.

Anderson Shumaker commonly forges the following tool steel grades:

  • A-2 A-6 A-8 A-9 A-18 A-19
  • D-2 D-3 D-5 D-7
  • H-11 H-12 H-13 H-21
  • L-6
  • M-2 M-3 M-4 M-42
  • O-1 O-2 O-6
  • S-5 S-7
  • Lescowear
  • Brickmold
  • W Type Tool Steel including W1 & W2

Other grades are available. Our capabilities include forging tool steel into seamless rolled rings, flat and round bars, blocks, discs and other forged custom shapes upon request.Special Shapes Size & Weight Depend on Application

Tool Steel Forging Capabilities
Forged Shape Max Forging Size Max Weight
Tool Steel Forged Rings 3″ OD up to 72″ OD 10000#
Tool Steel Discs 3″ DIA up to 72″ DIA 15000#
Tool Steel Blocks Up to 54″ Cross Section 15000#
Tool Steel Flat Bars 3″ OD up to 72″ OD 20000#
Tool Steel Round Bars 3″ OD up to 72″ OD 20000#

Surfaces can be supplied as forged, rough machined, and precision ground. Contact Anderson Shumaker today for all your tool steel forging needs.

Forged Tool Steel Photos