Inconel 718 - Inconel Alloy Forgings

With extensive experience in forging special exotic alloys, Anderson Shumaker maintains a large inventory of Inconel 718 for custom open die forgings and forged Inconel Alloy 718 rolled rings.

Inconel 718 is an age-hardened, nickel-chromium based alloy, known for its’ high temperature and corrosion resistant characteristics while being able to withstand temperatures up to 1300 degrees F. The hardening process includes two methods, solution-annealed and precipitation hardened. Alloy 718 also has excellent creep-rupture strength. This particular exotic alloy has excellent weldability and machining capabilities. By hot working inconel 718, it improves the overall strength during the forging process. If inconel 718 is going to be forged, machined, or welded, it starts out in mill-annealed or stress-relieved condition.

Typical uses for inconel 718 include jet engines, aircraft parts, high temperature bolts and fasteners, gas turbine components, aerospace applications and more. In addition to forging, we also provide several services for inconel 718 including machining, finishing, heat treating and destructive testing. Contact Anderson Shumaker today for all of your inconel alloy 718 needs!

Inconel 718 Chemical Composition
Nickel 50-55% Chromium 17-21%
Iron max* Niobium 4.75-5.5%
Molybdenum 2.8-3.3% Titanium .65-1.15%
Aluminum 0.2-0.8% Cobalt 0.8% max
Carbon .08% max Manganese 0.35% max
Silicon .35% max Phosphorus 0.015% max
Sulfur .015% max Boron 0.006% max
Copper .3% max

The information in this data sheet is for information only and should not be used for engineering.