Nitronic 50 Alloy Forgings UNS S20910

Nitronic 50, also known as UNS S20910 or ASTM XM-19, is a Nitrogen-strengthened austenitic alloy that provides high strength as well as high corrosion resistance. Nitronic 50 has better corrosion resistance compared to 316 Stainless with twice the yield strength.

Physical properties can be enhanced by cold working only, as this alloy cannot be tempered. It should remain non-magnetic after cold working.

Applications: Nitronic 50 has an excellent combination of strength and corrosion resistance. Its uses include, Valves, valve shafts, pumps and pumping equipment, marine, off shore rigging, heat exchanger, pulp and paper, marine shafting.

Chemistry Analysis

Carbon 0.06% Manganese 4.00%-6.00%
Phosphorus 0.040% Sulfur 0.030%
Silicon 1.00% Chromium 20.50 – 23.50%
Nickel 11.50-13.50% Molybdenum 1.50-3.00%
Nitrogen 0.20-0.30% Columbium/Niobium 0.10-0.30%
Iron 51.87-60.97% Vanadium 0.10-0.30%
Phosphoric acid Moderate Acetic Acid Good
Sodium Hydroxide Moderate Sea Water Moderate
Salt Spray Excellent Nitric Acid Excellent
Sulfuric Acid Moderate Humidity Excellent
Sour oil/gas Moderate

Nitronic 50 Corrosion Resistance

The following table is for reference only, many factors can affect the corrosive resistance, a corrosion test for each application should be applied.

Heat Treatment

Heat to 1950/2050 F (1066/1121c) and col rapidly. Brinell hardness approximately 150.
Cannot be hardened by heat treatment. Cold working this alloy increases its strength and hardness, although best corrosion resistance is in the annealed condition.
When machining Nitronic 50 its chip characteristics will be tough and stringy, when machining the use of chip curlers and breakers should be considered, along with sulfurized cutting fluids. Check out our machining options for you project.
AMS 5764 ASTM A182 grade (XM-19), ASTM A276 grade, (XM-19), ASTM A479 grade (XM-19), ASME SA479 EN10204 DIN3.1B
Shapes Manufactured:
Flat Bars, Square Bars, Round Bars, Rings, Hollows, Discs, Blocks and special Shapes. Send us a drawing to see how we can save you material and Machining time!

The information in this data sheet is for information only and should not be used for engineering.

Typical Room Temperature ASTM XM-19 Mechanical Properties

0.2% Yield Strength Ultimate Tensile Strength % Elongation in 2” (50.8mm) % Reduction of Area Brinell Hardness Charpy V-notch impact Strength
ksi Mpa ksi Mpa Ft lb J
65 448 120 827 45 65 150 160 217