Custom Forged Shape Bars

Anderson Shumaker is the industry leader in custom forged parts. We can take your requirements to finished part, with no tooling charge, flexible delivery, and material availability.We can take your requirement to finished part. Forging prototype parts is our specialty. Anderson Shumaker is the industry leader in custom forged shapes. Forged parts offer refined grain structures, and offer endless possibilities in configurations. Machining down from solid bar causes loss of excess material, and cost of material turned into chips. Machining in this manner causes the grain flow to be exposed, making the material susceptible to metal fatigue. Forging produces a contoured grain flow within the step down, yielding greater impact and directional strength. Machining time will be greatly reduced freeing up production time and maintaining workflow. Our custom parts and shapes can be forged with various materials such as 286 stainless steel and inconel 718. For a complete listing of our stock, view our forging materials page.

Forged Shapes

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