Forged Discs & Gear Blanks

Anderson Shumaker uses upset forging on our discs to compress length and maximize the forging material’s diameter. This allows the center of the material to receive equal compression, leaving the grain in the center of the disc with a refined grain structure. Forged discs are a great alternative to round bars, and are generally shorter in length. The center of most bars are the least worked, leaving coarse grains. This can lead to premature failure in certain applications. Our discs and gear blanks can be forged from a variety of forging materials including, but are not limited to:

Width: 3″ to 72″ DIA
Max Weight: 15,000 lbs.

Individually upset forged discs improve strength by compressing the grain structure in both directions. This process produces directional grain flow, which gives strength and ductility that is not found in bar or plate stock. Discs can be used as a gear blank for forged gear blanks. We provide an inhouse, high quality heat treatment, to provide you with the best gear blanks possible.

Anderson Shumaker offers short lead times and no minimum requirement. Some grades can be shipped in several days.Contact us today!

Forged Shapes

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